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Ingress Maths: calculates portal link range, cooldown and hacks based on Resonators, Link Amps, Heat Sinks and Multi-hacks deployed on a portal.
Favicon: https://github.com/stephanie-walter/ingress-resistance-badge
Portal Range Equation: http://decodeingress.me/2012/11/18/ingress-portal-levels-and-link-range/
Link Amp Equation: http://decodeingress.me/ingress-manual/ingress-items/portal-mods/link-amplifier/
Heat Sink Equation: http://decodeingress.me/ingress-manual/ingress-items/portal-mods/heat-sink/
Multi-hack Equation: http://decodeingress.me/ingress-manual/ingress-items/portal-mods/multi-hack/
UX review: @Doveccl
Forged by: Nefinity (@Nefinite).